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Individual Performance for Season

Player Robert Hoffeldt

Season :

Fixture Batting Bowling Fielding Wicket-Keeping
ViewDateHome - vs - AwayTypeInnRunsOversMdnsRunsWktsCtROsCtSt
27/04/2008Claverham (Yatton) CC - 3rd XI Vs Cleeve CC - Sunday XIFriendly131*----0000
03/05/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs Long Ashton CC - 1st XILeague151553240000
04/05/2008Cleeve CC - Sunday XI Vs Blue Flame CC - 1st XIFriendly1305.201540000
10/05/2008Frampton Cotterell CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague1621533820000
11/05/2008Cleeve CC - Sunday XI Vs Phoenix West Indians CC - Friendly XIFriendly147*613400000
17/05/2008Failand & Portbury CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague1491534130000
24/05/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs Bristol YMCA CC - 1st XILeague1251306330100
31/05/2008Blagdon CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague129932010000
07/06/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs Bristol West Indian Phoenix CC - Phoenix 1st XILeague10906220000
14/06/2008Carsons & Mangotsfield CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague1261545610000
22/06/2008Bedminster CC - Friendly XI Vs Cleeve CC - Sunday XIFriendly124411810000
28/06/2008Cleeve CC - 2nd XI Vs Portishead CC - 2nd XILeague1111525530000
05/07/2008Long Ashton CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague--1534640000
12/07/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs Frampton Cotterell CC - 1st XILeague1481013420000
13/07/2008Cleeve CC - Club XI Vs Bristol & District CA - Friendly XIFriendly131703410000
19/07/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs Failand & Portbury CC - 1st XILeague1121*1509240000
20/07/2008Cleeve CC - Chairmans XI Vs Cleeve CC - Presidents XIFriendly--201010000
20/07/2008Cleeve CC - Chairmans XI Vs Cleeve CC - Presidents XIFriendly23*----0000
26/07/2008Bristol YMCA CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague119*813410000
23/08/2008Bristol Sri Lankans CC - 1st XI Vs Cleeve CC - 1st XILeague1281506020000
30/08/2008Cleeve CC - 1st XI Vs St George/Roman Glass CC - 1st XILeague125*30810000
31/08/2008Cleeve CC - Club XI Vs Gloucestershire CCC - Friendly XIFriendly12203201000